Academic Resources

Academic Resources

As an online student, you’ll have access to K-State’s campus resources from the comfort of your home. From tutoring and writing support to academic advising and testing services, you’ll receive all the support that campus students receive.

Tips for Online Learning Success
A collection of Tips from academic advisors on how to succeed in the online learning environment

Academic Advising
Get help from advisors who know the path you need to take to succeed in your program.

Academic Coaching

From developing strategies to conquer a difficult class to maximizing personal strengths, academic coaches are available to meet with you throughout the year to equip and empower you to succeed. You can meet with a coach one-on-one to receive support as they help you identify and reach your academic goals, develop study and life skills, overcome challenges, and find motivation and purpose.

Academic Success for Student Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs has specific tips and numerous resources for the military community taking online courses.

Student Access Center
Arrange for the academic accommodations and support you may need during your course.

The Academic Achievement Center provides online tutoring via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Follow the instructions for online students on the tutoring webpage.

Writing Center
Make an appointment to learn writing strategies and get feedback through online or on-campus consultations with experienced writing tutors.

Learn how to locate and purchase required textbooks. It is important to order textbooks and materials right away to account for shipping times.

Online Exams and Proctored Testing
Some distance education courses may require an exam proctor. Our website provides more information on proctoring services and locations.

Virtual Commencement
Graduation is a time to celebrate for all students. We hope it will be possible for you to travel to the K-State campus in Manhattan, Kansas, to participate in commencement. However, if this is not possible, we offer virtual commencement.

Policies and Procedures
There are many policies and procedures you may need to be familiar with during your time at K-State.

Rules of style, or Netiquette (network etiquette), that are expected when communicating through class email lists, message boards and discussion rooms.

Education Abroad
Check out opportunities for studying abroad, including programs available in your major, funding opportunities and more. Online students may be interested in these specific programs.

Library Services
Online learners have access to most K-State library resources and services whether on or off campus.

ID Center
K-State student ID cards are available to all enrolled students, including online learners.