Online Exams and Proctored Testing

Exams for online courses can be facilitated several different ways. Some courses may require an exam proctor, a person who monitors students during an exam.

Step 1: How do I know if I need a proctor?

Look for an email from K-State Global Campus Testing ( at the beginning of each semester to find out if you are required to have a proctor. You may also find this information in your course syllabus or Canvas modules.

Step 2: How do I choose a proctor?

Most proctor services require you to pay a fee, and we recommend you ask about fees when searching for your proctor. Any testing fees will be your responsibility. Following are some possible sources to find a proctor. Contact us for assistance with locating a proctor in your area.

  • In-Person Proctor Options for Online and Paper-Based Exams

    • K-State Global Campus Testing Center for Manhattan, Kansas, area students (free of charge)

    • K-State Polytechnic Professional Education & Outreach Testing Center for Salina, Kansas, area students (free of charge)

    • Testing facility at a university or community college campus. Reference the National College Testing Association website for available options. This list is not an exhaustive list of acceptable testing centers.

    • County agent (extension office)

    • Adult learning center

    • Sylvan Learning Center/Huntington Learning Center (or equivalent)

    • Military base representative (if military personnel are overseas/deployed, we will approve proctors on a case-by-case basis)

  • At-Home Proctor Option for Online Exams Only

    • Examity

      • Examity fees: $13.50 for an exam less than 60 minutes, $20.50 for an exam 61 to 120 minutes and a $5 per hour late fee for exams scheduled less than 24 hours in advance 

      • Webcam equipment and testing cost will be at the student's expense

      • View the Examity Student Quick Guide (PDF) and video tour

      • Please note: Examity can only be used for electronic exams. Reference your course syllabus to see how your exams are administered. At this time, all engineering courses and some statistics courses have paper exams.

  • Who Cannot Be a Proctor?

    The following list includes those individuals who cannot serve as proctors:

    • relative, partner or spouse

    • co-worker, business associate or supervisor

    • friend or peer

    • coach

    • K-State student

Step 3: After finding a proctor

Submit Examination Proctor Agreement
If you plan to utilize the K-State Global Campus Testing Center, K-State Polytechnic Professional Education & Outreach Testing Center or Examity, you should submit the agreement yourself. If you plan to use any other proctoring option, you should have the proctor submit the agreement.

The agreement should be submitted as soon as possible after classes begin. Failure to do so will slow your course progression. Confirmation will be sent to you and your proctor upon approval. Proctors are approved by semester. You must submit an agreement form each semester.

Step 4: Scheduling exams

Once a proctor has been approved, you should contact your proctor directly to schedule a time to complete exams.

K-State Global Campus Testing Center Only
Schedule exams online at least two weeks in advance.
Testing location:
1615 Anderson Ave.,
Manhattan, KS 66502
Suite 146 (enter through door C)

Proctored Testing FAQ

What are the exam proctoring expectations?

  • Proctors who do not fit the list of appropriate proctors will be refused.

  • Proctors may expect payment for this service.

  • Discuss the number of exams and length of each with the proctor, as it requires a time commitment.

  • Verify the proctor will be available for all of your exams.

  • The proctor must agree to return exams in a timely manner.

How do I request exam accommodations?
You can arrange for academic accommodations and support through the Student Access Center.

What if I missed my exam deadline due to an extenuating circumstance?
Exam extensions must be approved by the instructor first and then communicated to the K-State Global Campus Testing Center.

For questions, contact:
K-State Global Campus Testing Center
785-532-5575 or 800-622-2579

Your course may require us to send additional materials or to return graded homework or exams. Timely receipt of these materials and correspondence depends on us having your correct contact information. If you have a change of address, please let us know and update your official contact information in KSIS.

For questions, contact:

K-State Global Campus Testing Center

1615 Anderson Avenue, Suite 146

Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-5575 or 800-622-2579