Social Justice Education Graduate Certificate

Social Justice Education Graduate Certificate

Learn the principles that promote equitable, sustainable and transformative change in various formal and non-formal educational settings.

The online social justice education graduate certificate will show you how to collaboratively create meaningful and sustainable changes in communities and workplaces such as neighborhoods, companies, schools, the military and nonprofits.

The primary goal of social justice is to ensure all groups have the opportunity to receive resources equally, and the principles of social justice education will help you better understand the world and issues of inequity that need to be addressed. This program will prepare you to recognize, name and combat inequities in schools, communities and society.

$536.13 per credit hour*
15 credit hours
100% online

*This estimate includes online tuition and College of Health and Human Sciences fees and is for illustrative purposes only. Your hours and costs will differ depending on your transfer hours, course choices and your academic progress. See more about tuition and financial aid.



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