Animal Sciences and Industry Bachelor's Degree

Animal Sciences and Industry Bachelor’s Degree

The animal sciences and industry online bachelor’s degree will prepare you for employment in the agriculture and food industry.

This program will provide you with a foundation of basic science and animal biology and then build your knowledge in the areas of business, food/meat processing, livestock management, technology, evaluation, quality assurance and food safety. The animal products option will prepare you for a career in the food industry and coursework is centered on the wholesomeness and safety of animal products. The production management option will prepare you for a career in animal husbandry, including the breeding, feeding, care and welfare of animals.

$402.50 per credit hour*
120 credit hours
2 program options

*This estimate includes online tuition and College of Agriculture fees and is for illustrative purposes only. Your hours and costs will differ depending on your transfer hours, course choices and your academic progress. See more about tuition and financial aid.

Special Fee Structure for 2020-21 Academic Year
To assist our students during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are reducing online tuition and eliminating distance fees for many programs.



Michael Connell, '15

While enrolled at K-State, Michael used what he was learning to help develop a program for technical large animal rescue for the state of Nevada.


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