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K-State Online offers more than 100 online programs in a wide variety of fields so you can complete your degree whether you live 50 miles from campus, several states away or across the Atlantic.

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Paying for school

A K-State education is an investment in your future. With scholarships for part-time students and traditional financial aid options available, we want to partner with you in changing your life for the better

Student Support

As an online student at K-State, the student success and advising office is here to support you in all of your academic endeavors. If you have questions, know that our staff is here to help you along every step of the way.

What Can Online Programs Provide?

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I could do the work any time. If my best time to work happened to be midnight, I could do it then. And it was all asynchronous, so I didn't have to be on at any time.
Tritia Moneypenny '16, Youth Development Master's, Monterey, CA
The skills that I've learned in this program – analytical thinking, critical thinking, better decision making – are all great skills that one can apply in terms of career development.
Hamid Rutaro '15, Master of Agribusiness, Menomonie, WI