Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Track) FAQs

Can I take classes out of order?

No. This program follows a cohort model. All students begin in May and finish in May of the following year. This model allows you to form lasting professional connections with your fellow students and broaden your perspectives about teaching, learning and classroom students.

Are transfer credits accepted?

No transfer credits are accepted.

How do I complete the teaching internship (field experience)?

You can complete your teaching internship at an accredited school near where you currently live. The program office will help coordinate your placement.

You will use video technology to capture yourself as you are conducting classroom lessons. This allows the program instructors to conduct real-time and video classroom observations and evaluations to help you improve and become an effective teacher.

What technology will I need to complete this program?

To participate in the online courses, you will need a video-enabled (i.e., one with a camera) laptop, tablet or desktop with high-speed internet access.

To participate in the teaching internship (field experience), you will need to video record teaching experiences with adequate sound and have the ability to upload video to K-State’s secure server. You may use any device (e.g., tablet, phone or camera) that allows you to accomplish this task. You must have access to high-speed internet services (either at your home or school) in order to upload videos to the server. This platform allows for real-time feedback, grading and critique of your teaching skills.

Training and technical support will be offered throughout your time in the program.

What tests will be required to earn my teaching license?

To become certified to teach in Kansas, you will need to complete a background check and pass two tests — the Praxis II Principles of Teaching and Learning (PLT) and the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching. We recommend taking both of these tests in the spring semester during student teaching.

What is the pass rate for the teacher licensure exams?

We’re pleased to report 97.5% of all MAT students who have completed the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and the Principles of Teaching and Learning exams have passed

How much will the program cost to complete?

Tuition is approximately $15,800 total. If you don’t already have the required technology, you will need to purchase those items (see question 4 above). In addition, there are fees associated with testing and licensing for the Kansas K-6 licensure or other state licensures.

Is this program accredited?

Yes. The Professional Education Unit at Kansas State University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE).