Scholarship application instructions

Ready to Serve: Building a Day-1-Ready Public Health Workforce for Kansas and Beyond

Scholarship Application Instructions For Statement of Objectives

Master of Public Health Program – for MPH or Certificate, Global Campus

Instructions: Prepare a statement of 2-3 pages written in the style of a letter. This letter is used in the evaluation of your application and reviewed by faculty from the emphasis area/degree program you select. Include all of the following items:

  1. Clearly state if your application is for the MPH or Certificate. (in the first paragraph)
  2. Clearly state which MPH area of emphasis you wish to study. (in the first paragraph)
    • Food Safety & Biosecurity
    • Infectious Diseases & Zoonoses
    • Public Health Nutrition
  3. Clearly state if you are a Bachelor/MPH degree candidate. (in the first paragraph)
  4. Discuss why you are interested in a public health degree, the strengths you have at the time of application, and areas you would like to increase your expertise, competencies, and personal/professional development.
  5. Outline your professional goals, immediate and long term. (what do you see yourself doing with your degree)
  6. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a scholar? What would you like to grow and improve in during your time as a public health graduate student?
  7. Describe which aspects of your chosen area of emphasis are most appealing to you and how they fit into your career goals. Also, indicate if there is an MPH faculty member whose expertise seems to match your interests in your chosen emphasis area.
  8. Describe 1-2 experiences that have shaped your interest in the field of public health.
  9. Describe 1 academic or public health experience that was meaningful in your education or professional career.
  10. Confirm that you will be available for an interview (conduced virtually).
  11. Remember to date and sign or type your name on the letter.
  12. Upload the letter as part of your application when you complete the K-State Global admissions process.

Checklist for Application

  • Prepare a Narrative Letter of Application
  • Obtain three Letters of Reference
  • Obtain a copy of all university transcripts (GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale in the last 60 hrs of coursework)
  • Submit these with a completed application via the admissions portal of K-State Global Campus
  • Be prepared to have an interview with the MPH program once your application is reviewed