K-State Global Campus Scholarship FAQ

I am applying for more than one scholarship; can I submit the same essay for each one?

All K-State Global Campus scholarships have the same essay requirements and only one essay should be included in your application.

Do I have to submit a scholarship application form with each scholarship that I apply for?

No. You only need to submit one application form. The information you provide on your application will be used to determine which scholarship(s) you are eligible for.

Do I need to be a K-State student to apply for scholarships?

Scholarship applicants must have a K-State eID and password to apply for the Global Campus scholarships.

I received a scholarship from the K-State Global Campus last semester. Can I reapply for future semesters?

Yes. Students are eligible for scholarships each term but priority will be given to Global Campus students who have not received a Global Campus scholarship in the past.

I take online classes, but I am not sure if I am admitted to a degree program offered through K-State Global Campus. How can I find out?

A listing of qualified degree programs can be found on our programs page under the Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree headings. You can also email Rebecca Dale at rebeccad@k-state.edu with your name and Wildcat ID number and she will confirm whether or not you are admitted into a distance education program.